Huấn luyện viên Thương


Thuong started practicing Yoga 9 years ago and fell in love with the practice almost right away. She has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga for the last 3 years at Zenith Yoga in Hanoi. Her classes are rather strong but fun with focus on alignments.
“Well… it was not easy when I started out. But, along with the fact that Yoga practice slowly shapes up my body it has so much more to offer a person. Beside the physical benefit, Yoga has taught me to be more empathy, more sensitive and more observing of the surrounding. It is a practice of a lifetime that reveals itself gradually. It teaches us to be curious, humble, to be accepting, teaches us to listen with care and patient, teaches us to love more.
I have attended workshops, and have learned many things from them. They only tell me that there are so much more one can continue to better oneself through this practice. It is a journey you know you will carry on for rest of your life, possibly never will reach the end of road… Somehow, you want to stay right there”.
So leave your ego at home, come and join us to enjoy this ancient practice and its benefits.

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